Abstract submission guidelines

The official language of the conference is English.

Prepare your abstract in Word, using Arial font, 12-pt type.

Save the Word document of your abstract as: “LAST NAME OF PRESENTING AUTHOR_ABSTRACT.doc”.


General Instructions


In BOLD style, only the first word with capital letter. Use italics for scientific names.

Skip a line between TITLE and AUTHORS.


Last name followed by initials of given name. Use a comma to separate each author name. Underline the name of presenting author; indicate corresponding author by asterisk. Use a numeric superscript to indicate affiliations of authors.

Skip a line between  AUTHORS  and  AFFILIATIONS


Superscript number corresponding to each affiliation as indicated in AUTHORS. Institution name (no department name), city, Pin/Zip code, state and country(no street address). After the last affiliation write the e-mail of corresponding author. Skip two lines between AFFILIATIONS /email address and TEXT.


Maximum 250 words.

Instructions for Poster Presentations:

  • Poster size: 40 x 30 inches (height x width). Posters in landscape posters are not allowed.
  • Poster presenters will be responsible for the installation and removal of posters on the assigned board. We recommend using double sided tape that will be provided by volunteers on site.
  • The Organizing Committee and the Executive Secretariat will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to installation, removal of posters on site, for the costs of printing, transportation and accommodations related to the poster presentation.